We always work on the conscience.

We provide professional logistics and delivery services. Our advantages are:

There will be no loss in your goods. The weight of your goods weighed in Qatar will be exactly same when weighed in Sri Lanka after shipment

Online Booking

We are happy to announce you that Q cargo is the first company to introduce Online Booking Facilities to send goods from Qatar to Sri Lanka.

Secure services

We provide security of your delivery. You can use our online tracking system to check where your cargo is.

Package Tracking

You Can Track your parcel from our website by your tracking number. and you can get the tracking message to your number step by step.

Proven Experience

Thousands of happy clients, hundreds of permanent customers are the result of our work.

We work quickly and efficiently!

We have been providing Door to Door Air/Sea Cargo and Air/Sea Door to Door Port Services from Qatar to Sri Lanka for the past 10 years. With our rich experience we have unique skills and professional staffs.

Working closely with our Customers to customize their exact needs has always been very rewarding for us.